Web Metrics play an important role in web optimization. There are many web analytic tool available online to use. But to understand which metrics are import is real challenge. Some basic web metrics are as under.



Google Analytic is a good way to measure website popularity, and it is free. Website owners can also make money using Google ad-sense.

Visitor: Numbers of the visitors on the website are also important metrics in the data. Absolute unique visitors’ metrics show the number of distinct people who are visiting the website. Repeat visitors on the website are also more important because they indicate that they like the website and products. Also new visitor’s metrics show numbers of new visitors on the website.


Page views: High page views are good indicators of the website popularity, but it does not grantee that customers will buy products. Some data shows that even though people visit more web pages, they spend less money. 


Referring Websites: This metric tells us how people are finding out about our website. If we are running marketing Ads on other websites, this metric will tell us on which website we should put our Ads to maximize our profit.


Time Spent: Time spent metrics shows how much time visitors are spending on our website and longer they navigate the website the better, but it can also be an indicator that people are having problems finding what they like.


Bounce RateThis shows that how many people leave the website immediately after coming to the website. This is a good indicator to find the quality of the website.


Browser and Hits: Both of these metrics are not important because they have nothing to do with the popularity of the website. Metrics show that more people are using internet explorer and Netscape.


Exit PageThis metric indicates the amount of ‘exits’ from pages on your website. Therefore, it reveals the pages on your website that drive people away.