Blogs are also playing an important role. It is a free advertisement if a blogger complement company or products in his blog. It also has a bad impact if bloggers mention bad about services and products of a company. A blog can increase your sales and profit. A blog can motivate your visitors to do things, using blog you can change your visitor to your customers.


Your blog audience is the most likely to respond and the most likely to be appropriate future employees and networking contacts. With a blog you can hold prospects' interest for longer, winning customers round over time, and bringing them back to hear from you long after their first contact.


You can gain insights into your customers' minds, their needs, challenges and preferences. Comments, feedback forms, surveys and polls become instant, spontaneous market research tools. It’s like working with a free focus group that tells you which products you should create and why.


 A good blog not only generates traffic, but also helps retain that traffic, keeping people coming back and growing in loyalty. Your blog becomes a responsive outlet to explain your side of any story and douse the fires of negative activity.