Second Life is a popular virtual world founded by Philip Linden. Second Life is accessible via internet and free to join. According to Sarah Sorensen, “This popular game with 2.3 million registered members as of January 2007, allows players to socialize, but it is known most for economy”.Singers, Fashion Designers, and Architects have their profiles on second life for their fans and customers. Also companies like American Apparel, Toyota and Sony corporations have already setup their shops.



It is a good idea to create a virtual shop in Second Life because people who are using it are well educated and have enough money to spend on our products. In Second Life companies can put ads and also link to their website.


According to Second Life's website “The Second Life virtual world is filled with thousands of unique 3D places to explore. Discover fashion shows, live music performances, nightclubs, games, interactive exhibits and even shopping. At any time, there are dozens of fun events to attend. Expect the unexpected in the Second Life virtual world".