YouTube which is a popular free video sharing website is playing an important role in a business success. Business can use YouTube videos for product awareness, advertisement and retail promotions. David Meerman Scott said that, “Consumers love to watch videos. We’re becoming less of a society of readers and more of a watchers; the average consumer would rather watch a video than read a text-based advertisement”.




Promoting company’s products on online using videos will have better impact on customers then on local TV ads. A Millward Brown study found that online viewing led to 82% brand awareness and 77% product recall, compared to just 54% brand awareness and 18% product recall for similar television ads.


To save money on advertisement, companies should only try to market their products and services to their prospect customers. Advertisers with CRM programs want to use what they know about their customers to strengthen customer relationship in all of their media communications.


Companies can create small movie clips of their products to upload on YouTube. They can include their website link so people can visit their website for more information after watching video. Most people like to watch videos if they are funny or informative. Businesses can also sponsor YouTube videos which are attracted to their customers. Companies can sponsor Webinars that target customers may like to see.


Kristopher B. Jones said that, “Successful videos on YouTube can generate thousands or even millions of unique views, which can result in increased brand recognition and customer leads”.